Balloon Release and Vigil Held for Breunia Jennings at the Wiregrass Angel House

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Family and friends are still reeling from the death of Breunia Jennings.

The 23-year-old was shot and killed two weeks ago in Dothan.

Many are asking -- who was Breunia Jennings?

Much of the focus has been on those charged with her death, but very little is known about her.

We spoke with those who knew her best, and say today was all about Breunia
"I have to wake up and see my child in ashes,” says Lakesia Reaves, Breunia’s mother.

The past two weeks have been a nightmare for her.

But a balloon release at the Wiregrass Angel House gave Reaves a chance to remember the free spirit whose life was cut short.

She says, "Bre would help anybody, she would give you her last she didn’t care if she had nothing."

Diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia at the age of thirteen, Breunias mother said she was on and off her medication periodically.

She last spoke with her daughter the Tuesday before she was killed and knew something was wrong.

"You know a person with bipolar schizophrenia they want to fit in, so they're going to trust anybody" said Reaves.

Her last time seeing her daughter was on Facebook live shortly before 10PM - Sunday March 25th
The night she was shot and killed.

So she’s left with the question -- why?

"Why would somebody want to take my child away from me?" said Lakesia.

Friday’s vigil brought many people -- from her closest friends and family to those who've lived through a similar circumstance.

"My brother got killed back in 95' by his best friend" says Shirley Hall, who came to support Jennings family.

He was only thirteen, and says being back at the Angel House was hard, "It hurts, and it brought back a lot of memories because I miss my baby."

Now Breunia’s seven year old sister is going through the same thing.

I miss my sister Bre,” said seven year old Jayden.
Breunia was the oldest of six siblings and always stayed on honor roll.

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