Backpack for Kids Program: Jackson County UF Extension Office collecting peanut butter

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JACKSON COUNTY, FL --(WTVY) The Jackson County UF extension office is collecting jars of peanut butter for the county's Backpack for Kids program.
Each year, extension offices throughout Florida collect peanut butter for local food pantries.
Peanut butter can be dropped off at the extension office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Marianna, McCoy's Outdoors in Marianna, and at Campbellton Farm Service off 231 near Graceville.

So far, about 40 jars have been collected.

"Our goal this year is to surpass last year's amount that we collected," Jackson County Horticulture Agent Matt Lollar said. "We collected a little over 200 jars last year, so we're hoping to collect about 250 this year."

The Florida Peanut Producers donate peanut butter for the challenge each year.

Last year, they donated more than 3,000 jars throughout the Panhandle.The Peanut Butter Challenge runs through November 22nd.

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