Back to school rally helping students prepare for the first day back

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Aug. 17, 2019 at 9:11 PM CDT
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Dothan City Schools are just 3 days away from the start of their school year and the city threw a back to school rally to make sure students and families are ready.

A back to school rally was held a Northcutt field to get some of the families and students excited in Dothan for their first day back.

"We need to do something to try and get these kids not only excited to go back to school but also if we can give them school supplies which are essential. You have to have school supplies to complete assignments so that's kind of how we got this started," Co-Coordinator of Back to School Rally, Melissa Poke said.

Over 20 organizations came together to help fund raise for the event. The rally included music, bouncy houses, and food. But the event was not all fun and games.

"To educate the kids on how they're supposed to be respectful to teachers, how they're supposed to act in school and the main thing is that they learn that they're going to school to get their lessons not to go to school to play," parent, Vivian Dantley.

Rally organizers handed out more than 500 free backpacks filled with school supplies. Busses were provided to children from different housing complexes to attend the event.

Several schools and city officials talked about why events like this are needed in the community.

"It's just so important I think this year for sure that we all get together and celebrate that its one community, one Dothan, coming together to continue to have a great turn out and a great school year start," Mayor Mark Saliba said.

And rally coordinators were overwhelmed with the outcome.

"People donated and gave their time and just to make this event a success for these children to have school supplies to begin the school year. I'm really emotional because it feels so good to see that so many people came together," Melissa Poke said.

It was estimated that 500 to 800 people attended the event.