"Avoiding Fraud" class held for the elderly

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BAY COUNTY, FL -- (WTVY) The holidays are coming and that doesn't just mean a season of giving it also means a season of scam artists.
Bay County Sheriff's Office held a class for those who are often the target of scam calls and emails on Thursday.

Wiley Tilley knows what it's like to get scam calls.

"You know we are kind of over the hill or whatever they can get to an older person easier than they can a younger person," said Tilley.

Thursday, he attended a class offered by BCSO called "Avoiding Fraud" to learn more about the calls he's gotten in the past.

"I do get a lot of them but the last one was this Internal Revenue [Service] call, you know, that was the last one," said Tilley.

BCSO Investigator Paul Vecker conducts these classes throughout the year hoping he can help the elderly in Bay County.

"A lot of the elders are retired, most of the time they're at home. Most of the time they're not traveling, they're expected to be there. They've got their retirement coming in, they've got social security coming in and that's why a lot of the networking companies that are scammers target that age group," said Vecker.

Vecker told the elderly they need to be on high alert for scam calls or emails all the time, but especially during the months of November and December.

"The reason being is when a lot of the scams are really targeting the elders, ages 55 and older," said Vecker.

Vecker told us if the calls or emails sound suspicious, or are asking you to take action today, they are most likely a scam.

He also told us there are around 15 million retirees in Florida which makes the state a frequent target for hackers.

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