Autocross popular activity for novice and veteran drivers in the Wiregrass

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Revving up his Honda S-2000, driver Jesse Waymire does his best to balance horsepower and control.

“It wouldn’t seem like it, but trying to avoid all these cones is very tough,” said Waymire.

Waymire is part of the Wiregrass Sports Car Club of America. He’s one of dozens of drivers who brought his "street legal" whip to Hunt Army Stage Field in Newton Sunday.

His mission, you ask? Tame a timed course of tightly laid out twists and turns.

“Imagine going down the interstate at 70, hitting the brakes as hard as you can and doing a 180 and coming back the other way and slaloming the stripes. It’s very exciting doing that,” said Waymire.

It’s called Autocross and its popularity is growing in the Wiregrass. Each month, the competition draws nearly 30 competitors. From Corvettes to Nissans, a new course each race tests even the most veteran of drivers.

What it’s like behind the wheel of your car at an Autocross event is tough to explain. Drivers say it’s both tense and frantic, but it’s hard to beat the adrenaline rush.

Some competitors drive their family vehicles, while others make customizations.

For 14-year-old Ryan Churchill, it’s about bonding time with his father.

“It’s just cool watching the cars go by," said Churchill. "You get to feel the car swaying and it’s something I enjoy doing.”

Veteran Autocrossers like Waymire say lessons learned here can help on the open road.

“You learn what to do if you have to do an evasive maneuver," said Waymire. "You don’t drive as aggressively on the street as, you know, some people would.”

The Wiregrass Sports Car Club of America meets at Hunt Army Stage Field the second Sunday of every month.

Visit the Club's website to learn more:

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