Auburn has partnered with Delta; opens $6.2 million aviation education building

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVY)- If you fly with Delta Airlines, the chances that your pilot is an Auburn grad has just increased.

Auburn has partnered with Delta and has just opened up their $6.2 million building dedicated to aviation education.

Auburn University's new Delta Airlines Aviation Education Building was made possible by Auburn grad and current Chief Financial Officer at Delta Airlines, Paul Jacobson.

Jacobson says “It has classrooms. pods for instructors and for students that are flying. and an area where they can meet with their instructors so they can go through their briefings and go through their reports. It also has FAA examination rooms as they are taking their tests as they progress along through their flight training, and it has an Airbus A-320 simulator”.

This state of the art facility isn't the only resource that is working on producing world class pilots.

Auburn is also one of the first universities to participate in Delta's Propel Program.

Patrick Burns, Managing Director of Flight Operations and System Chief Pilot for Delta Airlines, says “The Propel Programs Foundation looks at a pilots education, flight experience certainly, but Delta looks beyond that. We are looking at leadership qualities, and the education. The integrity and the character of the individual pilot employee is as important as the experience”.

Finding pilots that fit Delta's criteria is one reason why Auburn was chosen.

Steven Leath, President of Auburn University, says “It's really the quality of our students and it’s our willingness to make sure that in any partnership that as much as our students benefit; our partner, in this case, Delta benefits. So, they are going to be able to have first class employees going right into their programs”.

That's what student Jack Tensbrunsel is working towards.

“I’ll be looking forward to being an instructor here in the next few years and, eventually hopefully get to the airlines which is my ultimate goal," replied Tenbrunsel.

This is one of the eight Propel Program centers around the country.

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