Attorney says Cottonwood man should not have been charged with animal cruelty

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — The attorney for a Cottonwood man facing trial for animal cruelty, says he should never have been arrested.

Indicted on 91 charges Jerome Wesley Hughes is scheduled for trial in March.

But attorney Ruth Robinson believes he'll be tried for no more than ten and perhaps as few as two charges.
She says the case against Hughes has been mishandled.

65 dogs were confiscated from Hughes' home 3-years ago.

Police say they suffered from malnutrition.

Ruth Robinson says, "The Cottonwood Police Department they didn't understand a dogo argentino dog is a thin dog and by their breeding standards you will see their backbones and their ribs."

Robinson believes the case was instigated by Hughes' former wife seeking to move to another state with their child.

The wife believed if Hughes went to prison she would be free to do so.

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