Attorney: Women lost custody of children because of bogus drug tests

(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 23, 2019 at 9:44 AM CDT
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Two women lost their children because of falsified drug tests that show they used illegal drugs, their attorney claims.

“This is maybe the most troubling case I've ever had,” said Adam Jones, who is suing a Henry County woman and her company that collects drug specimens.

Brandy Murrah of Clopton, owner of A & J Lab Collections, already faces charges that she forged documents related to drug and possibly other tests, including DNA. Additional charges are anticipated.

Jones said the Alabama Department of Human Resources took children from his clients because Murrah produced lab reports showing they had used methamphetamine. Police believe Murrah benefited financially from falsifying the reports.

“Both of these ladies went to independent drug testing facilities and medical clinics and got more drug testing done and all of it was negative,” Jones told WTVY.

Now that Murrah has been charged, those two women hope for vindication.

However, their children still haven't been returned, something that perplexes their attorney. Jones also thinks there is a lesson to be learned from their experiences.

He believes people are sometimes quick to judgment when they are told somebody has used illicit drugs. He hopes the experiences of his clients will give reason not to jump to conclusions.

Jones is seeking to make the lawsuit against Murrah, that seeks unspecified damages, class action status. If a judge concurs, anyone who thinks they may have been negatively affected by falsified drug tests can join that lawsuit.

David Harrsion represents Murrah in her criminal cases but not in the lawsuit. Earlier, he said Murrah collected about 7000 specimens but had not altered any results.

Efforts to reach Murrah for comment on this story failed.