Asymptomatic coronavirus survivor spreads social distancing awareness

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 9:15 PM CDT
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Coronavirus is different for each person. For some it turns fatal. Others are bedridden for days. Some are asymptomatic.

Kendretta Thortnon pleaded to get tested for Covid-19 after her grandmother who she had been in contact with tested positive, but with no symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, or fever getting tested was a hassle.

The first thing they said is hey do you have symptoms. I said no I don’t have any symptoms. I feel perfectly fine. Well we cannot test you, and I said well I’ve been exposed,” says Thornton.

Her concerns were far beyond herself.

“I have a little one and I don’t want my child to be sick so I mean I really need to get tested,” says Thornton.

Finally, she was instructed to go in for a test.

A few days later and as healthy as usual she got the call saying she tested positive for Covid-19.

“Just knowing that I was a carrier of coronavirus with zero symptoms it scares me because health professionals aren’t testing us,” says Thornton.

She called her son’s doctor and got the same response. Without symptoms he did not need to be tested.

Instead she should continue to monitor for a fever.

Right away Thornton put on a mask, disinfected her home, and practice social distancing to keep her child and family safe.

“I began to think like there could be a lot of asymptomatic people out here and we’re not taking the proper precautions,” says Thornton.

So, she went to the drawing board to find a way to encourage everyone to continue to practice social distancing.

She came up with the Be The Light Awareness campaign.

Thursday Governor Kay Ivey amended the safer at home order.

“We’re going to expand the number of businesses that will be allowed to reopen while maintaining a six-foot distance,” says Ivey.

As more people start to get back out daily inspiration and information that could potentially save lives will be posted on the campaign’s Facebook page.

“I want everyone to be protected at all costs so I am willing to do everything that I can to make that happen,” says Thornton.

No events are planned at this time, but Thornton is working on organizing a mask giveaway.

Kendretta’s grandmother made a full recovery without ever being hospitalized and fortunately her son never showed symptoms of the virus.

You can learn more about social distancing awareness and how Kendretta kept her family safe on the campaign’s Facebook @BeTheLightAwareness.

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