Assault charges dismissed against former city commissioner Amos Newsome

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Apr. 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM CDT
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Former Dothan City Commissioner Amos Newsome will undergo anger management counseling as part of an agreement to dismiss an assault charge.

Police arrested Newsome in 2015 for striking WTVY reporter Ken Curtis who was questioning him regarding his 2013 re-election victory. Newsome faced no charges but several of his associates, including longtime girlfriend Olivia Reynolds, either pleaded guilty or were convicted of voter fraud.

A municipal court judge in Dothan convicted Newsome of assault, fined him $500 and sentenced him to 10 days in jail. The sentence was suspended.

Newsome appealed, on the grounds the appointment of Special Judge Carl Chamblee, Junior of Trussville, Alabama was illegal. While the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals agreed the appointment should have been made by then Mayor Mike Schmitz, and not City Manager Mike West, the court refused to overturn Newsome’s conviction.

The case then went back to Houston County Circuit Court and this morning, Judge Larry Anderson ruled to dismiss it within 30 days, provided Newsome attends anger management classes and pays court costs.

Newsome ran for re-election in 2017 and lost.