Ashford police chief's beard causes controversy...or does it?

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ASHFORD, Ala. (WTVY) - It was a packed house at the Ashford City Council meeting Monday night as many town members came out to support the police chief.

Only, as it turns out, he wasn't in any kind of trouble.
Anyone from Ashford knows Chief Quinton Vann sports a beard.

Well, there was a rumor going around town a city councilman had a problem with that and was going to take action, but as Councilman Gary Gibson explained, that was a misunderstanding.

"I've never been after his job, and I do not want Tim Miller to be the police chief of Ashford, so I wanted to lay all that to rest tonight [Monday]," said Gibson.

Councilman Gary Gibson went to Ashford City Hall for a copy of the police handbook.

When there wasn't one available, he went to the police station.

Somewhere along the way, a rumor got out Gibson was after the police chief's beard and even his job.

So people took to Facebook, asking everyone to come out and support the police chief at the city council meeting.

"I can tell you guys I support our police chief 110%,” said Gibson. “I'm not after his beard. If you can see me right now, you see I have a beard, so why would I be after somebody else's beard? It was simply a misunderstanding."

In fact, Gibson explained in the meeting the Ashford police handbook does not have any reference to a dress code.

Once all the confusion was cleared up, he explained why he wanted a copy of the handbook to begin with.

"I have a few questions about our vehicle policy, also about our bullet-proof protective vests,” said Gibson. “I want to make sure all our police officers are safe when they're out there doing their duty."

WTVY reached out to Chief Vann for a comment, but he said he wanted to wait until this is all over to say anything.

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