Ashford clinic modular pieces delivered

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ASHFORD, Ala. (WTVY) - All four pieces of what's now called the Southeast Health ACOM Ashford Clinic have reached their destination.

Though the facility may not be complete, the effects it will have on the community can already be seen.

When ACOM saw that Southeast Health had a clinic presence in Ashford they wanted to be a part of it.

“We feel like it’s a great community and a prime place to get our first clinic up and running,” says ACOM’s associate dean of clinical sciences Heath Parker.

Now that the pieces for a modular facility have arrived changes are on the way.

For the town, there will be closer access to health care.

“It's going to be a specialized internal medicine and pediatric clinic with our faculty plus some new faculty that are full time over there,” says Parker.

For the students, it means interacting with real patients earlier.

“Our students see standardized patients or actors in primary clinical skills in first and second but not many of them get to experience actual patients encounters and this will be an opportunity for that,” says Parker.

Even if you don't visit the clinic, there's a good chance you'll see some of the medical students.

“They're going to be getting involved in local community events and the football games and spend some times on the sideline and doing sports physicals,” says Parker.

The expansion is something all parties are looking forward to.

Our students and really all of ACOM and Southeast Health are very excited about the Ashford clinic.

The process of bringing the pieces of the facility together starts Friday.

It is projected to open early November.

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