Ashford High School students and parents react to teacher texts scandal

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 10:49 PM CST
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Students went back to school at Ashford High Friday after the shocking news broke Thursday night about the teacher group text.

The texts contained derogatory comments about students' sex life and intellect.

An Ashford High parent told WTVY all but one of the teachers did come in to work Friday.

The Houston County School Board has not announced what the future holds for those teachers.

Students and parents are already making up their minds.

"They should have known it was going to come out one way or another, that it was going to come out," said Ashford High School Freshman Jeremiah Moorefield.

It was a bit of a strange day at school for Ashford High Freshman Jeremiah Moorefield.

Several of his teachers have been tied to a private group text that was recently recorded and released on Facebook.

The texts discussed student sexual activities and called one student dumb.

"She seemed like she had remorse for it,” said Moorefield about one of his teachers. “She didn't want to look at any of us. She just said she loved us all and didn't want to hurt any of us."

Moorefield believes the teachers should be fired for the comments.

Another student wasn't too surprised by the language.

"Teachers now-a-days, they try to blend in with students and I think that's what went wrong here. The whole situation with the "n" word came up and I respect that was wrong, but I honestly just think she was trying to blend in."

The Houston County School Board hasn't announced whether or not it will take action against the teachers or the student that leaked the texts

The superintendent hasn't gone on camera yet, but he said his biggest concern is for the students who are named in the chat.

"They want to sit and talk about people harming themselves because of bullying, but it's sad it's the teachers doing the bullying, not the students; it's the teachers,” said Ashford High School Parent Venissa Wilson.

Superintendent David Sewell said he will have more information for WTVY on Monday.

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