Ariton baseball player gets hair cut for good cause

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ARITON, Ala. Has your hair ever made you well-known? It could certainly be said of Ariton baseball player Brodie Cook. However, Brodie made a big change and it wasn't on the field.

Brodie Cook's long hair is known as his "claim to fame" on the baseball field.

"It's just kind of like become who he is. Me and him we're playing on two different teams like when he was on JV and I was on varsity we had a coach come up to the dugout and ask our varsity coach where's that kid with the long hair, from Andalusia, it's just from everywhere, that's how they know him," Brodie's brother, Jay Cook said.

But as a bit of a surprise to others.....

"My first team meeting I actually came right out of meeting with our principal and met with the guys and I think the first thing I said when I came out of that was somebody tell me about the hair, what's going on there," Logan Dunlap, Ariton baseball head coach said.

Since 6th grade, Brodie wanted to find a way to be just like his favorite TV show characters.

"I started growing it out 4 years ago, I'm a big duck hunter so I duck hunt a lot and I always watched Duck Dynasty growing up and they always had long hair and the beards and stuff so that's kind of when it started," Brodie Cook said.

But today all of that changed, when the scissors came out and 10 inches were cut for Locks of Love. An organization accepting hair to make wigs for children in need due to medical conditions.

"It means a lot cause I'm not just throwing it away, it's going to someone that needs it more than I do," B.Cook said.

A change that him and his brother say will come as a shock to many.

"I don't think that anyone is going to recognize him, I think it going to take a while to realize. I sure hope it doesn't affect his play, I hope it don't take his powers away," J.Cook said.

"I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to look in my hat because I'm so used to having long hair come out the back," B.Cook said.

Family and friends gathered at the Ariton baseball field to support Brodie and his decision.

"I think it just shows the type of character and type of person he is. And him wanting to have his teammates here and share that moment with them and have that support just says a lot about him and his commitment to this program and this team," Dunlap said.

As they said goodbye to the long hair and the memories that came with it...

"One random lady came up to me and asked me if she could have a picture with me cause her daughter thought it was the cutest thing. I was about to take the field and she asked to take a selfie with me," B.Cook said.

The Ariton baseball team will have their first official practice on Monday,
as they prepare to take the field February 17th for their first game of the season.

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