Ariton High School Gym

ARITON, Ala. (WTVY) -- Ariton high school held a ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday afternoon for their new 2.1 million dollar gym.

Several parents and community members attended the ceremony including Dale County schools superintendent, Ben Baker.

He says "this gym is going to have a big impact not just on this school but also on this community."

Baker also says the gym was much needed.

"for several years this school had to use local churches for different events because the current gym would only seat 250 people" said Baker.

Senior Maddux Herring expects the new gym will help increase attendance at school athletic functions.

Herring says "now we're going to be able to host like tournaments and get more people out to come watch us in big games and area games and stuff."

The new facility will hold 400 more people than the old gym and provide more opportunities.

Principal Josh Herring says "We've never been able to host tournaments because our gym was so small. We've already got a volleyball tournament with about 8 teams coming for this season. And we've also got, I think, a couple basketball tournaments already scheduled that we now have room to host those events"

Both the football and basketball teams will use the gym’s concession stands during their respective seasons.

Ariton will begin installing a sound system for the new gym on Monday.

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