Are you wearing your mask correctly? Here’s a guideline explaining how

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 3:58 PM CDT
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This weekend the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued mask-wearing guidance for the general public. The CDC recommended using masks to help fight the spread of Coronavirus.

Face masks are great for the protection from germs but only if worn correctly.

If worn incorrectly, masks can be a breeding ground for germs.

“Never touch the outside of your mask or under the mask while it’s on your face. The mask on the outside is considered dirty don’t pull your mask underneath your chin and have it sitting down here. It should always be fitting properly over your face". explains Sarasota Memorial Hospital Nurse Jennifer Sorensen.

According to Nurse Sorensen, before putting on your mask. Make sure your hands are clean. If your hands are dirty you are defeating the purpose

When putting on your mask, use the loops for the ears, and make sure your nose and the bottom of your chin is covered.

The same goes when using a cloth as a mask. To remove your mask make sure you wash or sanitize your hands. Then remove the mask from the ears.

Next check if your mask is reusable.

“I want to inspect this mask to make sure I can reuse it. So has my mask been compromised? Is it wet is? It visibly soiled? If it is, I’m gonna go ahead and throw it out". says Nurse Sorensen.

Do keep a paper bag or a plastic Ziploc-style baggie handy for storing the mask every time you take it off. Always store a mask in a clean place. Never store it in a purse or pocket.

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