Apr. 3rd: 21 dead, over 1,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alabama

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New case numbers Friday morning show over 1300 people across Alabama are confirmed to have COVID-19.

Alabama Department of Public Health Coronavirus Dashboard, April 3, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Thursday, the first confirmed case in Coffee County was reported. Last week the Alabama Department of Public Health initially posted a case in Coffee County only to later say the information was incorrect.

According to the data map from the Alabama Department of Public Health, 21 people have now been verified to have died from the respiratory virus. Over 9,500 people have been tested and 34 deaths have been reported.

According to ADPH there are only 4 counties in the state without a confirmed case: Barbour, Geneva, Henry and Perry counties.

Southeast Health and Flowers Hospital have updated the statistics they are providing on local cases.

Southeast Health reports:
Total Tested: 182
Positive: 23
Positive Inpatients: 13
Positive Discharged Home: 9
Death of Patient with Positive Results: 1
Negative: 104
Pending: 55
Inpatients Awaiting Results: 25

Flowers Hospital Reports:
Total tests- 75
Pending tests- 6
Confirmed positive cases- 3

Reported deaths and verified deaths represent the number of individuals who have a positive lab result and are now deceased. To verify a person who died from COVID-19 disease, the medical record of the deceased person has to be reviewed by a physician and Infectious Disease and Outbreak staff. Once review is complete, if the death is attributed to COVID-19, the individual will also appear in the Verified Deaths category. Reported death totals are cumulative and will not decrease.

State officials opened a toll-free number for people who develop symptoms and need to be tested. For more on how to get tested, you can call 1-888-264-2256. This is not a medical helpline.

The most recent numbers are available at ADPH's COVID-19 dashborad.


Florida now has 9,585 positive cases and has suffered 163 deaths

Updated numbers from the state of Florida confirm that the state has 9,585 positive cases and has suffered 163 deaths.

Totals updated at 11 a.m. Friday showed the jump in the wake of a “stay-at-home” order from Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Of those 9,585 cases, 9,248 are Florida residents.

The most recent numbers are available at Florida's COVID-19 dashborad.


Ga. surpasses 5,800 confirmed COVID-19 cases

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) reported 5,831 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, according to the 12 p.m. Friday (4/3) update.

The total deaths related to COVID-19 is now 184. A total of 1,158 confirmed cases are hospitalized.

Three deaths have been reported in Chatham County, one in Bryan County and one in Toombs County.

Over 22,000 coronavirus tests have been conducted statewide.

Georgia DPH releases updated numbers daily at noon and 7 PM.

For the latest info check the Georgia DPH COVID-19 daily status report.

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