Appointed or elected state school board officials: you decide

Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 5:37 PM CST
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With the primary election fast approaching, you may not know about an amendment that will be on the ballot on march 3rd.

When you look on your ballot on March third you may see a list of names running for local, state, and federal office.

But one thing you might not recognize is Amendment 1.

The amendment would change the name of the State Board of Education to the Alabama Commission of Elementary and Secondary Education.

But former state board member, Betty Peters says it’ll change more than that.

“one thing it would do set up an appointed state school board” she said.

Those state board or commission members would be appointed by the governor.

The amendment would also change the name of the State Superintendent to Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education.

That secretary would be appointed by members of the commission; meaning they would no longer be voted in by the people.

Peters says “whoever the governor is, they’re all going to be different, making all the decisions from cradle, we’re talking about pre-k, early childhood, all the way up through the two year colleges.”

Currently the State Board of Education oversees the education system in Alabama.

“we vote on policy changes. And we do vote on the textbooks, vote to approve the textbooks to approve standards” Peters explains.

But if Amendment 1 passes, those decisions will come from those appointed by the governor.

Voter, Chuck Ohm says “I kind of disagree with it. I think the people that know the people that they want on the board would be better than just having someone appointed from Montgomery.”

The state legislature says there is no cost for Amendment 1.

You can cast your vote on March 3rd.