App could help bar, restaurant owners stop the use of fake IDs

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- With Spring Break season ahead, underage drinking and driving is expected to spike but an app could help in stopping the use of fake IDs.

The age and verification app is called Intellicheck.

All a bar owner has to do is open the app and scan the back of the license. Within seconds, the app notifies them if the ID is fake.

"Every single college student, every single high school student knows how to go on the internet and get them, they're cheap, they're accessible and the more of your friends you get to buy them at the same time the bigger the discount they'd get. So this is out there, this is a problem," Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis said.

Retailers have to be verified through Intellicheck to use the app.

Vaping stores, liquor stores, and bars across the country are already using the app.

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