Already charged with murder, Dothan pastor arrested again

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow listens to testimony regarding a murder charge against him on April 6, 2018.
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Dothan (WTVY)-- A Dothan pastor, already charged with capital murder, is in trouble with the law again, following his arrest on a theft-related charge.

Police say Rev. Kenneth Glasgow placed a stolen license plate on his vehicle. He faces charges of Possessing Stolen Property.

In March, Glasgow and acquaintance Jamie Townes were charged with murdering 23-year old Breunia Jennings, whom investigators believe stole Townes car.

They say Glasgow drove Townes around Dothan searching for the vehicle and, when they found it, Townes shot Jennings. Although he didn’t fire the deadly shot, Glasgow is charged under Alabama’s complicity laws.

His case is pending before a Houston grand jury that will decide if there is sufficient evidence to take Glasgow to trial.

Glasgow is founder of the The Ordinary People’s Society, a ministry, and he also promoted felons' right to vote.