All US attorneys general pushing Congress to make fentanyl a permanent schedule one drug

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 11:36 AM CST
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It’s not often everyone in government is on the same page. But every attorney general in the U.S. is, on this issue. They are pushing Congress to permanently make fentanyl a schedule one drug.

The CDC defines a schedule one drug as having no accepted medical use, and a high potential for abuse.

In 2018 the drug enforcement agency made a temporary order to schedule fentanyl. This means people can be charged criminally who make it, distribute it, or handle it. But that temporary order will expire on February 6.

All 56 attorneys general are urging Congress take action; they want fentanyl permanently added to the schedule one list. The founder of Good Works North Alabama Harm Reduction says while she doesn’t think criminalizing it will stop the problem entirely, it’s important to save lives.

“Changing regulatory systems is something that is not going to be effective because it takes to long and we have people dying now. So yes go ahead and criminalize it and perhaps we’ll see a decrease in distribution and therefore a decrease in fatalities,” says Morgan Farrington, founder and director of Good Works North Alabama Harm Reduction,

Good Works North Alabama Harm Reduction was just started by a woman who lives in Huntsville. She says it’s her mission to help guide people who are addicted to drugs to the best form of recovery.

Farrington also says more opportunities for mental health care and better transportation to medical appointments will go a long way in reducing overdose deaths.

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