Alabama's Toyota-Mazda plant makes Trump's State of the Union address

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( — Plans for a new $1.6 billion Toyota/Mazda plant in Alabama got a presidential shoutout during Tuesday night's State of the Union address.

President Trump cited the plant - announced by the automakers in January - as an example of industries expanding in the U.S.

"Toyota and Mazda are opening a plant in Alabama and it's a big one," Trump said. "We haven't seen this in a long time and they are all coming back.

"They want to be where the action is," the president continued. "They want to be in the United States of America."

The massive auto facility will be located in a portion of Huntsville in Limestone County, not far from Toyota's existing engine plant. Once complete, the facility will produce 300,000 vehicles a year and employ 4,000 workers.

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