Alabama school superintendent Michael Sentance resigns

AL State School Supertindent Michael Sentance
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( — Beleaguered Alabama superintendent Michael Sentance has resigned, ending a months-long battle with state board of education members.

A source inside the Alabama state department of education confirmed the agreement was reached, allowing Sentance to avoid an expected vote to fire him at Thursday's regular board meeting.

The agreement states that Wednesday is his final day of employment.

Governor Ivey Comments on Resignation of Michael Sentance as State Superintendent of Education

Earlier today, State Superintendent of Education Michael Sentance submitted his resignation to Governor Kay Ivey, as President of the Board of Education. Shortly thereafter, Governor Ivey released the following statement.

“Today, I received the resignation of State Superintendent of Education Michael Sentance. I do not take this situation lightly, and as President of the State Board of Education, I will ask the Board to accept his resignation.

“Over the past two years, Alabama has experienced far too many changes in state government. As with previous changes in leadership positions, we will use the pending resignation of the state superintendent as an opportunity to move forward and begin a new chapter in public education.

“The State Board of Education has an opportunity to refocus its efforts to improve, support, and better prepare Alabama students for the 21st-Century global economy, so that they can compete successfully. Education continues to be the foundation of our communities and a key piece of the fabric that holds our state together — now is the time to strengthen our education system.

“I have spoken with Mr. Sentance, thanked him for his commitment to public service and education, and wished him well.”

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