Alabama school report cards: Wiregrass schools overall improve; Daleville falls to D

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( — Report cards for Alabama’s schools and districts are out, and overall, results look promising.

Statewide, district-level grades have improved in comparison with the 2016-17 district grades. And school-level grades also showed marked improvement.

Many districts in the Wiregrass had improvements in their scores, though most kept the same grade. Henry County Schools had the most improved scores in the Wiregrass improving by 10 points from a C to a B. Daleville City school suffered the worst drop from a C to a D.

                    2017-18        2016-17
grade/score grade/score change
Andalusia City B/81 B/83 +2
Barbour County D/61 D/62 -1
Coffee County B/88 B/84 +4
Covington County B/89 B/82 +7
Crenshaw County B/81 C/77 +3
Dale County B/89 B/84 +5
Daleville City D/68 C/75 -7
Dothan City C/79 C/79 0
Elba City B/82 B/80 +2
Enterprise City B/84 B/86 -2
Eufaula City D/66 C/71 -5
Geneva City B/87 B/80 +7
Geneva County B/82 C/76 +6
Henry County B/88 C/78 +10
Houston County B/83 B/84 -1
Opp City B/82 B/82 0
Ozark City B/83 C/78 +5
Pike County C/79 B/84 -5
Troy City B/82 C/79 +3

Alabama Superintendent Eric Mackey unveiled the 2017-18 statewide grade of ‘B’ to the state’s board of education on Dec. 13. He said he was happy with the grade because it shows incremental growth.

Alabama lawmakers passed the law requiring the use of letter grades for school and district report cards in 2012.

Overall, there were:
► 15 A’s, up from 12 last year,
► 71 B’s, up from 52 last year,
► 42 C’s, down from 55 last year,
► 10 D’s, down from 19 last year.

There were no F districts and district scores improved an average of 2.6 points, but nearly 30 districts exceeded twice that average.

These six systems improved their score by double-digits:
► Sheffield City – 12 points, C to B
► Midfield City – 12 points, D to C
► Fairfield City – 12 points, D to C
► Henry County – 10 points, C to B
► Winston County – 10 points, C to B
► Anniston City – 10 points, D to C

Seven districts dropped a letter grade, 90 districts maintained their grades, and 41 raised their grades by one letter.

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