Alabama parents want schools to teach sex ed, STD awareness, survey shows

Published: Aug. 14, 2017 at 11:06 AM CDT
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A new survey has discovered Alabama parents with children in public school want their kids to have a sex education class.

The phone survey was conducted by the University of South Alabama and commissioned by the Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The people surveyed were all parents with children enrolled in public schools, and 83 percent of those parents supported sex education in school.

"For parents, talking to their children about sexual health and relationships can be a very difficult and complicated conversation," ACPTP executive director Jamie Keith said. "One of the Campaign's priorities is to ensure young people receive medically-accurate, age-appropriate and evidence informed sexual health education. In our public schools qualified professionals can answer questions parents may not feel comfortable with answering or for which they may not have the answers."

Survey participants were asked 36 substantive questions and five demographic questions, according to a press release. Information from those questions showed 98% thought it was very important children learn about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections; 91% thought it was very important children learn how to talk to their partner about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases; and 86% said it was very important that the effectiveness of birth control is addressed in a sex education class.

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