Alabama gas tax: How did your legislator vote?

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( — Gov. Kay Ivey has signed the Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan after the state House and Senate both approved the 10-cent-a-gallon fuel tax increase.

The increase will be phased in over three years: a 6 cent increase after Aug. 31; a 2-cents-a-gallon increase on Oct. 1, 2020; and the same on Oct. 1, 2021. The tax is now 18 cents a gallon for gasoline and 19 cents for diesel.

The proceeds will go to fund infrastructure improvements around the state.

The Senate passed the measure 28-6. The measure passed in the Alabama House on a vote of 84-20.

Here's how Wiregrass representatives voted.

HOUSE - Yes Votes
District 84 - Berry Forte, D
District 85 - Dexter Grimsley, D
District 86 - Paul Lee, R
District 87 - Jeff Sorrells, R
District 89 - Wes Allen, R
District 90 - Chris Sells, R
District 91 - Rhett Marques, R
District 92 - Mike Jones, Jr., R
District 93 - Steve Clouse, R

SENATE - Yes Votes
District 28 - Billy Beasley, D
District 29 - Donnie Chesteen, R
District 31 - Jimmy Holley, R

SENATE - No Votes
District 25 - Will Barfoot, R

To see how the rest of the Legislature voted go to

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