Alabama State and ESCC sign education partnership

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Tuesday was a big day for two state institutions -- Alabama State University and Enterprise State Community College.

The Presidents of each institution signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" agreement in hopes it will make getting a college degree one simple and smooth process.

Dr. Quinton Ross, ASU President says, "This gives us the ability for individual who attend ESCC to attend ASU while they are in ESCC. They can also be prepared to enroll in ASU to transition from one place to another to finish their higher education degree.."

That means, once a student received their associates at Enterprise State, they guarantee the credits earned will transfer to Alabama State, making it a smooth transition from one school to the other.

Ross says, "So we will be in a position to offer certain types of scholarships as well as a lot of different incentives.."

Down the road at escc.. president matt rodgers is excited about the opportunity for their students.

Matt Rodgers, ESCC President
"We spent this afternoon with Dr. Ross and his team and they have an outstanding institution and we are excited about the partnership."

Alabama State is planning to develop partnerships like this with other community colleges in the state.