Alabama Lottery bill clears first step, but approval a poor bet

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. ( — A lottery bill won approval in an Alabama Senate committee today, but the sponsor was realistic about the bill's longshot changes of passing this year.

Sen. Paul Sanford, R-Huntsville, proposed a constitutional amendment to allow Alabama to join multi-state lottery games like Powerball.

Under Sanford's proposal, 75 percent of the net revenue would go to the state General Fund and 25 percent to the Education Trust Fund. Sanford said it would be estimated to raise $45 million to $50 million a year.

The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee approved Sanford's bill today by a 3-2 vote, sending it to the Senate floor.

But final approval would be a heavy lift, requiring a three-fifths vote in the Senate and House to be put on the ballot for voters.

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