Alabama AG Steve Marshall says civil asset forfeiture works fine

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. ( — Alabama's civil asset forfeiture program "needs to continue," remains a "vital tool for law enforcement" and "must be preserved," said Attorney General Steve Marshall.

His comments represent the strongest public statements among those running for Attorney General or Governor regarding a program critics call an abusive violation of Constitutional rights, while supporters say it's an effective crime-fighting tool.

"I support Alabama civil asset forfeiture law as we have it now," said Marshall, during some May 2 candidates' forum in Montgomery. "I don't agree that there is no due process. It does exist. It's incumbent on the state of Alabama to establish the connection of proceeds that are seized to somehow or another, the proceeds of a crime."

Yet his stance contrasts with two fellow Republicans also vying for the GOP nomination for Attorney General: Alice Martin and Troy King. Both King and Martin are pushing for reforms.

Said Martin: "I do think reform is needed."

Added King: "They should be changed."

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