Accident Involving Semi and Two School Buses in Jackson County

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GRAND RIDGE, FL (WTVY) WJHG is reporting that at least three people were taken to the hospital by helicopter, while 25 others were taken to the hospital. Students from Sneads High School were among those injured, including multiple members of the football team.

Investigators say 28 people were taken to the hospital, including 3 by Life Flight, after a semi ran into the back of a stopped bus, which was pushed into another bus stopped in front of it.

Students were shaken up this morning as a semi-truck caused a wreck involving two school buses in Grand Ridge, FL. According to Shirl Williams, Jackson Co. Schools, Director of Student Services, the accident happened around 7 a.m. while students were being picked up for school.

Williams says the 18-wheeler hit the first school bus and the second school bus ran into the back of the first.

There have been rumors that bus driver Don Dowling died in the crash. This is untrue. He is very much alive – suffered cuts and scrapes, all non-life-threatening. It's not yet known how many students were on board at the time.

The deputy superintendent and some school board members are on the scene now.

WTVY has a reporter on the way to the scene and will have a live report on WTVY Live at Lunch.

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