Justice system fails abused man confined to wheelchair

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Daleville, AL (WTVY)-- It appears two women suspected of abusing a family member are off the hook because the justice system failed.

Former police officer Tim Jeter talks about abuse in this July, 2019 photo.

In 2013, Daleville police found Tim Jeter living like a prisoner in his home, surrounded by rotting garbage and feces. Indications are, on many days, he had been fed only a single can of soup or a Chef Boyaredee product.

Confined to a wheelchair because of a stroke, he claims not to have had a bath for six months. “I told those officers they should not touch me and (urged them to) wear gloves,” he said.

Police, almost immediately, took Tim's wife, Stephanie, and his daughter, Lauren Jeter, into custody. They filled out arrest reports for neglect and abuse.

After that is when things get murky. Because nobody apparently followed through and obtained arrest warrants, the Dale County Jail had to release them.

Only one officer remains on the Daleville force from 2013 and he didn't investigate the case.

The officer that signed reports, Kenny Jackson, is no longer in law enforcement.

When reached by WTVY, Jackson said he isn't sure what happened. However, his time-clouded remembrance is that prosecutors wouldn't approve issuing warrants.

Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams said, perhaps needing additional documentation, that is possible. Nonetheless, he is baffled.

“We have no file in this office—no pictures, no nothing,” he said. Adams only learned of the issue when contacted by WTVY.

Stephanie and Lauren Jeter likely have believed for six years that they are suspected criminals on the run. If true, they have been running from nothing.

“The Statute of Limitations have certainly run in this case,” Adams said. That means the Jeters will never face charges.

Adams, though, points out that the threat of charges have kept them away from Tim Jeter for six years.

That's longer than they would have served in prison, if convicted. In fact, under Alabama Sentencing Guidelines they might have received only probation.

Tim and Stephanie divorced in 2014. Tim Jeter's attorney,Tom Brantley, claims Stephanie forged her husband's signature to steal $12,000 in retirement funds. He had saved that money while working as a police officer.

Of his wife, Tim said “I don't even want her in this damn state.” However, he would like to reconcile with Lauren, who he believes Stephanie manipulated.