Abbeville gets $350,000 to improve homes in Steagall Heights

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 11:21 PM CST
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$18.7 million - that's how much the State of Alabama is dedicating to improving portions of cities.

Cities like Abbeville, which will receive $350,000.

More specifically, that money will be spent in the Steagall Heights area.

A lot of the time these grants will go toward infrastructure, but Abbeville will be using its a little differently.

The sound of roof work will be echoing throughout Abbeville's Steagall Heights area over the next few months.

It's a sound that is music to Mayor Billy Helms' ears.

“I think most houses over here can use something,” said Helms.

The City of Abbeville was recently awarded a Community Development Block Grant for $350,000.

That will be divided among 27 of the oldest and most in-need houses in Steagall Heights.

"We just went through the hurricane and some of them got new roofs then and a lot of them didn't,” said Helms.

The city went from house to house asking what people needed most, then submitted the survey to the state for the grant.

For the most part, it will be spent on new roofs, heating and cooling systems and insulated windows for the outdated houses.

"There will be some upgrading to the house itself, but most of it will be tied to energy efficiency,” said Helms.

The energy efficient upgrades will also reduce energy bills for the homeowners.

Changes haven't begun yet, but it will only be a few months till the sound of improvement will be heard all around Steagall Heights.

"We'll always help to help the people in Abbeville, as long as I'm in here,” said Helms.

Abbeville has gotten grants like this in the past.

In fact, the mayor said they were fortunate because they just had one to do similar work for houses on Ash Drive just two years ago.