AL Sec. of State says hackers attacked Alabama election systems

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WTVY) — Secretary of State John H. Merrill Releases Information Regarding Potential Breaches in State of Alabama Systems

Recent information has been presented to Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill regarding the potential system compromises due to Russian attempts at interference with the 2016 General Election.

Over the course if the election season, the MS-ISAC's (Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center) Albert network monitoring service identified scanning activity from suspicious IP addresses against 27 states and received reporting of potential incidents in 13 states. In total, three national events were confirmed prior to election day and had a limited impact on election day activities. More specifically, in the states, the cyber threat actor(s) gained access to voter registration data for a few local governments. There were no reports that any data was modified.

In Alabama, DHS and the MS-ISAC observed suspicious traffic from IP addresses connected to election-related activity, but not necessarily to election-related activities in these states. This information shows Alabama's system protections and preparations were successful in thwarting attempted hackers from breaching state networks and voting systems during the attacks.

"While it is encouraging that our efforts to protect Alabamians' data have proven to be successful, we must remain vigilant and prepared for the constantly evolving threats to our voting systems and the integrity of those processes. We will utilize every resource available to ensure we are protecting the data of all Alabamians," said Secretary Merrill.

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