A new moon rising for Blue Moon Café

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DOTHAN, Ala (WTVY) - Well it may not be a supermoon, but a new moon is rising on Foster Street.

Blue Moon Café has its sights set on a new location in Downtown Dothan.

Owner Janna Holland has purchased two old buildings on Foster Street: an old Buick dealership and what she believes was the original Elks lodge.

Work includes a bigger kitchen, a bar, and a separate dining area.

But she's most excited about the outdoor space.

"The building next to it that the roof has fallen in that's been like that for forever-- perfect for our courtyard!” says Holland. “So, we're going to have a beautiful courtyard. So, it's going to be a beautiful green space. And we're so excited about it. It's going to make this end of the street just really grow."

Blue Moon Café hopes to open their new location after the 4th of July.

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