A murder case with twists and turns remains unsolved

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Enterprise (WTVY)-- A year after the murder of an Enterprise school teacher, investigators are still grappling with a case with no arrests.

On November 27, 2017, Sara Starr's co-workers became concerned when she failed to show up at Harrand Creek Elementary School. So, they went to her rural Coffee County home and found her body in the driveway. Home alone, she had been shot once.

Those who knew Starr, a mother of four, describe her as a loving person who cared greatly for the fourth graders she taught.

However, her personal life appears to have been far from perfect. More than two years before her death, Starr's husband, Jason, filed for divorce and court records show it was far from amicable.

Attorneys filed motions and counter motions in an ongoing legal feud. Then, a few days before she died, a Coffee County deputy served a order on Jason Starr's employer. It compelled the company to withhold $2550.62 per month in child support and spousal payments from Starr's check.

Starr has never been publicly named a suspect, but investigators detained him on the day of his former wife's murder. Court records indicate two Enterprise schools were placed on lock down while they searched for him.

Multiple sources say Starr has an ironclad alibi and can't be placed at his ex-wife's home on the day they of her death. After several hours of questioning, investigators released him.

Whether or not Jason Starr is a murder suspect, he faces serious legal problems. On May 25, six months after Sara died, deputies arrested him for Sex Abuse of a Child Under the age of 12. (Editors note: As a matter of general policy, WTVY does not identify alleged victims of sex crimes.)

His attorney believes, the weight of public opinion regarding his ex-wife's death, is so heavy against Starr he will be unable to receive a fair trial on the sex charge in Coffee County.

In a court filing Jim Parkman said media coverage raises questions as to whether Starr could have killed his wife, and following his sex charge arrest, news reports again speculated about his possible connection to his ex-wife's death.

While a judge denied Parkman's request that Starr's sex trial be moved from Coffee County, he left the door open for the matter to be addressed again, before trial. No date has been set.

Meanwhile, two Coffee County investigators are assigned to Sara Starr's murder case and are receiving assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.