A local non-profit is fighting to give veterans a fresh start

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MARIANNA, Fl. (WTVY) - They fought for our freedom and now, a local non-profit is fighting to give them a fresh start.

Monica Nickerson served in the army for 19 years.
Nickerson says:
"My family was military, all branches... My dad was marines, but brother was army, i had an uncle in the marines, my grandpa was in the navy or one of them, my other grandpa was in the army."
"I was in the third grade, it was during desert shield, desert storm and it's something that i felt i needed to do."

But her career and life came to a stumbling halt.
"Right before Christmas, beginning of December I was living with some people that were...they told me they were like family with me but they kicked my kids and I out of their house."

With nowhere to turn... Monica used the one thing that helped shape her into who she is today.
"Being a veteran, I went to the VFW or not the VFW but the VA for help and they got me in contact with 90works."
Cory Brown who is the Program Manager for the Benefits Program says:
"90works is a non-profit organization that actually helps people become self-sufficient within 90 days."

Working with veterans in 61 counties in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.
Brown says:
"Our mission is to overcome homelessness, poverty, and family violence."

Monica and her two children are just some of the many who have seen the benefits
Nickerson continues with:
"90works is an organization that has really, really meant the world to me, if it wasn't for them I really don't know where I'd be right now."

Rocky Harrison who is a case manager with 90Works says:
"Well since Monica and I have been working, we've worked very diligently together. She’s put forth just as much effort as I have...she's continued to look for homes on her own so she's already very well to being self-sufficient with the help of 90works."

Nickerson says:
"As of yesterday they told me that they were able to get me a lease signed for me and be able to move in next month."
Cheyenne, Monica’s daughter says:
"I just want to say thank you for trying to get us a house."
Nickerson continues with:
"For us, it's continuing to move forward and hopefully this time next year, being able to help others that are in the same situation and being able to show others that there is hope."

90-works serves over 430 veterans per year.
If you're a veteran who needs help, you can visit: http://www.90works.org/

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