Classroom built by Eufaula High students.. is now ready to be shipped

EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVY) -- For the students at Eufaula High School one of their biggest projects this semester is almost complete.

The project was a team effort and everyone had a role from engineering to health and science students along with four other programs at the school.

The container took a lot of care and love before looking the way it is now.

Student Haley Nolin says "It was an empty container it wasn't painted on the outside it was red and it had scuff marks. So first seeing it was a regular container and you wouldn't imagine how it looks now all the work that was put into it."

The container is not only filled with construction tools, but has paper, pencils and first aid items.

Eufaula Middle School had a shoe drive and the shoes collected will be shipped as well.

Marketing teacher Taylor Crouch says "They're going to be looking at the tools all for our woodwork container the tools everything from that . Also some people are going to be looking at the medical supplies and the shoes and just seeing how much we have how much will the estimated cost be and if everything is in order and ready to go."

Every item has to be accounted for which is where marketing students come in. They keep an inventory of everything.

Without donations none of this would be possible. The project cost $10,000. Business owners provided $2,000 and the rest was donated in supplies.

Student Connor Gissender says “Knowing these kids in Honduras will have supplies and tools and a nice safe clean environment to learn in feels great to me and the fact that Iwas able to be a part of that.

Director of Secondary Education Michele Eller says their next goal is to train teachers in Honduras how to use Skype and Google Hangout so students in both cities can communicate.

They hope to take a few students to Honduras next year to see the kids in action.

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