Wired group makes life easier for Wiregrass senior citizen

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WEBB, Ala. (WTVY) -- "She would get out of her car. Park her car right there. Pull herself up the steps, and she has a walker at the top, and she gets on up in the house," says Jerry Tew.

79- year-old Eloise Elliott won't have to struggle much longer. This team from WIRED is building her a ramp.

"This project here will help her be able to get out more mobility and be able to go to church and everywhere else easier," says Tew who is Elliot’s brother.

They will also be stripping her porch of rotten wood and replacing it with brand new planks.

"It’s a blessing to be a blessing to somebody else that really needs it," says camper Hayden Adams.

After this project is done…

"Later throughout the week we are going to start cleaning the outside of the house, and we're going to do some yard work here," says track leader Danielle Barr.

Team members are doing this good deed for a complete stranger.

"I don't know her, but I think she'll really be grateful with the work we're going to be doing," says camper Addison Hendrix.

The group didn't know what was scheduled, but they're glad to help.

"God put me here and so I’m here for a reason and I’m really thankful that I’m here," says Barr.

Long after the week is over, Eloise will be able to use these improvements.

"Ms. Elliot is going to be able to look at this and say well look at what WIRED did. Each and every day see can that every time she uses it,” says WIRED volunteer Jim Widener.

Campers are happy with that.

"I love being a part of a project that can change someone's life and just show God's love and God's glory,” says Barr.

To support initiatives like the Eloise Elliot project, you can donate to the WIRED fundraiser, which will disburse funds among ten faith-based nonprofit organizations.

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