Harrand Creek Elementary teachers organize parade to visit students

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools around the country to close their doors but some Wiregrass teachers have found another way to check in on their students.

A teacher - student bond is like no other.... So while school is out to prevent spread of COVID-19 - teachers made a special "drive" to see their students.

"We just really wanted to reach our to the students in our community and let the know that we love them and we miss them and that we care about them. And even if from a distance waving or honking our horns or just a way to share that," Malissa Moughon, 3rd grade teacher at Harrand Creek Elementary said.

Harrand Creek Elementary teachers went the extra mile..... Painting their cars and piling into them for a parade like no other.

"Were just hoping it'll boost everyone self-esteem at this point because honestly the news hasn't been the brightest lately so were just hoping this will put a smile on our students faces," Connie Macon, 3rd grade teacher at Harrand Creek Elementary said.

One by one..... more than 30 cars drove through neighborhoods. Waving, honking, and cheering but still abiding by social distancing.

And students lined the streets with messages of their own.

"Cause we haven't seen them and they're going to get to come," 4th grader at Harrand Creek, Chloe Winters said.
"I really really miss them," 3rd grader at Harrand Creek, Tyra Baccay said.
"Cause I miss her," 2nd grader, Kinley Best said.
"Very proud and I hope she knows that I miss her," 1st grader, Adalynn Burcham said.
"I miss her and I haven;t seen her in a long time," 4th grader, Katelynn Best said.

Whether you were saying I miss you or.....

"Because I think some of the cars are going to be pretty," kindergartener, Anna Belle Chandler said.
"Saying like hi, and I'm excited to wave with them," Baccay said.

This was a way everyone could have one last goodbye.

"Me as a teacher it's super important because you never know who you're going to get the next year, things happen over the summer and you always want to say that last goodbye to them. And for this to happen is closure for me for the end of the school year if it should happen that way," Macon said.

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