Ozark Police: Officer Yoh continues to recover, making "miraculous" improvement

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Ozark, Ala. (WTVY) -- UPDATE December 26-

Now, two weeks later, Yoh is able to make full-body movements including standing and walking.

He's also able to speak fluently, feed himself, and open both eyes with almost full vision.

Officer Samuel Yoh, shot earlier this month in Ozark, continues to make massive improvements on his road to recovery.

According to a release from the Ozark Police Department, his recent surgery went well. A bullet was removed from his head and eye area.

He also now has full body movements, can complete commands from medical staff, and raise his arms and legs on his own.

In addition, he can acknowledge conversations with head and neck movements, breathe without assistance for short periods of time, and is also seeing improvements with his sight.

He can hear all conversations around him, routinely acknoweldging family, coworkers, and friends.

The Ozark Police Department and Yoh's family thank everyone for prayers and donations.

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