4WARN Weather: Saturday make sure you are weather ready

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- We continue to monitor the chance for severe weather across the Wiregrass on this Saturday. Conditions still look favorable for strong thunderstorms and tornadoes.

A level 3/5 risk of severe weather still continues for southeast Alabama for Saturday. This is issued by the Storm Prediction Center, based on possible hazards associated with thunderstorms expected to arrive on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, we continue to see cloudy skies to start the day off. We do not begin to see the the starting storms till around noon as the front approaches west Alabama.

The time frame of the main line is currently estimated to be between 3pm & 9pm. This period is whenever we can expect a line of heavy rain and sporadic thunderstorms around the southeast Alabama.
A few thunderstorms will likely contain damaging winds, and a few tornadoes cannot be ruled out as well.

As for the tornado threat, a majority of the risk will be more to our north and west. However, within the risk area is where the possibility for isolated tornadoes associated with thunderstorms AHEAD of the main line will be more likely, as instability will be greater within that region during the later afternoon. The timing of this threat is expected to begin around 3pm near the western counties and continue eastward till the later evening around 9pm.

Storms begin to exit as we get closer to 9pm, leaving behind mostly overcast skies and mild temperatures. This will not be a typical frontal system in which temperatures drop and skies clear. We will still stay mostly overcast, and rain chances will remain steady for a majority of the upcoming week.

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