Tensions high over protests at the Florida Capitol

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Law enforcement was out in full force Saturday as the "League of the South" protested at the old state capitol in Florida.

The League of the South, which was also present at the riots in Charlottesville, Va. and the protests at the University of Florida, said they were protesting in support of "Florida sovereignty."

The league was quickly met with dozens of counter protesters. Counterprotesters carried signs saying, "We don't want your Nazi hate" and "No KKK."

Michael Hill, a member of the League of the South, defended the group's actions.

"I think it's been made a race issue today by the fact that we've been out here and we've been hearing chants of black power and we didn't start that. You know we're not out here screaming white power," Hill said.

Despite Hill's comments, chants of "white side is the right side" were heard at one point coming from the League of the South group.

Counterprotesters argued back with their own attacks.

State troopers and other city law enforcement were at the scene separating the two sides as the crowds grew.

Gray affiliate WCTV's Tiffany Lewis was at the scene:

The protests remained fairly peaceful and no violence occurred.

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