A day in the life of seven adopted siblings, first time together for Christmas in three years.

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MARIANNA, Fla. (WTVY) - “These children need a mother, a father and stability and we can do that” says Sofia Olds.
On September 14th 2004, Sofia and DaShoan Olds officially went from a family of two, to a family of nine.
“We have new birth certificates with us listed as the parents” says Sofia
The military veterans from Campbellton, Florida have known each other since they were toddlers.
Their first date was here at Dothan’s own National Peanut Festival.
Married in 2004, they spent their honeymoon during a deployment in Iraq.
“We were able to live in our own little dorm room.” Says Dashoan Olds.
Before coming across a Facebook post last November, it was just the two of them for thirteen years.
Sofia says, “We can’t have all this and have these skills and abilities and blessings and talents and not give back.”
The post was about seven siblings who were searching for a forever home.
“The five oldest lived together but them two were in separate foster homes”
Eleven year old Erica olds says life back then wasn’t fun.
“Other kids were mean to us. They had lots of arguments there” Erica said.
Now, living together under one roof.
“It’s fun!”
Having both parents with a military background, has provided the lucky seven with great structure.
They go to church every Sunday where DaShoan is the children’s director and Sofia is right by his side.
After church they come home and change into their play clothes while DaShoan starts the grill and prepares Sunday dinner.
Nisa olds, the oldest at 12, takes this time to practice for upcoming softball tryouts at school.
Eric and Erica are eleven year old twins.
Next is nine year old Zavion and eight year old Dava
"I think they have really benefited educationally from coming here." Says DaDshoan.
These two...six year old Keyon and Gentry, who's 4, were in separate homes last year.
Now they're all close.

Sofia said, "People asks me like, oh I’m sure you're stressed. And honestly, I’m not because I feel like it all works because this is what we're supposed to be doing"

"When I saw that picture, it was a done deal it was set for me in my heart i knew these are the children i'm meant to raise and mother" says Sofia.

Dashoan owes it to his Rutherford High School family.
Being a math teacher and women’s cross-country and tennis coach, he says “They prepared me for this moment.”
“They even had a shower for us, it was just an outpour of support!”
The lucky seven are heading to Orlando for a family vacation but not the whole time according to Erica…
“We gotta stay home for Christmas, we’re going to have a Christmas program in our living room!”
And the answer to a question everyone is wondering---
“Do I think I will have a biological child someday? Yes I will” says Sofia.
And that will make 10!

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