Panhandle Package store no longer selling lottery tickets after investigation

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CAMPBELLTON, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- Playing the lottery is a game of chance and numbers, but for some feeling lucking and looking to win big in Jackson County, Florida, a popular spot for buying winning tickets is experiencing some misfortune.

The Panhandle Package store in Campbellton is one of the first stores travelers see when they're coming from Alabama on Highway 231.

For some Alabamians, crossing the state line can mean a chance to win big. Tonya Schwartz had her mind set on buying lottery tickets while heading home from her job in Dothan on Monday.

"Christmas, birthdays, I just like to give lotto tickets as gifts. I think it's a 'lotto' fun," Schwartz said.

To her surprise, when she walked into the Panhandle Package store she and others were told they were no longer selling tickets. Representatives from the Florida Lottery say after an investigation, the store's lottery contract has been terminated for being in violation.

Gray affiliate WJHG/WECP was not able to find out what part of the contract was violated, but were told by lottery officials that the information would be available in January.

"So I got here, went inside and I saw a sign that said no lotto. So I was wondering what's going on?" Schwartz said.

Store owners say they should be selling tickets sometime next week. Schwartz says in the meantime she'll take her business elsewhere.

The Florida Lottery says the Panhandle Package store in Campbellton is the second in the state when it comes to gross sales at almost $4.5 million earned.

The store is also ranked among the top ten stores in the state when it comes to winning tickets worth more than $600.

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