Sheriff's deputies give away Christmas gift cards

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HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- Blue lights and sirens aren't usually a good sign, but on Thursday, some Holmes County, Florida sheriff's deputies traded speeding tickets for gift cards.

As you can imagine, most people were caught off guard.

"I appreciate it. We appreciate it. It'll really come in handy," one gift card recipient said. "She was nervous at first because she's never got a ticket."

"Most of the time when you see a law enforcement officer pull over somebody it's always bad news, so we wanted to pull over some people and not have bad news, but give them the good news and give them the gift certificate," Holmes County Sheriff John Tate said.

While deputies were sharing Christmas cheer, residents shared what this time of year means to them.

"It's gonna be a great Christmas because my daughter's coming down from Virginia," one resident said. "I haven't seen her in nine years."

That's what it's all about - not just gift cards, but a message of community and family, especially during the Christmas season.

The gift cards totaled $1,000. Sheriff Tate said they were paid for by No Shave November donations and a local church.

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