Chipley students personalize their parking spaces

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CHIPLEY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- Some students of Chipley High School in Chipley, Fla. are taking art class out of the classroom and into the parking lot.

This year, students are allowed to paint their parking spaces.

Teacher Kristi Broom said she got the idea one day while scrolling through Facebook. She said she knew it could be a beneficial fundraiser for the school.

The cost is $25. The money will go toward the school's first year culinary program.

"I grew up in Greenville, Alabama and so they did this kind of thing at the high school over there every year and it was a really big deal, so when I found out we got to do it here, I knew I definitely had to participate," senior Haylee Patton said. "I was beyond excited."

If your Chipley High School student would like to paint their parking space, the deadline to turn in the design form is Monday, October 9.

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