Tree crashes through bedroom ceiling, above Valdosta elderly couple laying in bed

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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- Many in South Georgia are surveying the damage to their homes after Irma.

One elderly couple in Valdosta, Georgia spent all day cleaning after the storm.

Mary and James Lewis said they were laying in bed when a tree came crashing down, tearing through power lines and their roof.

"We just heard a loud crash," said Mary. "It was just like something breaking, so we jumped up and ran out of the room."

The idea still seemed surreal as they cleaned up the mess.

On Tuesday, they covered the roof and cleared tree limbs from their front lawn. The slow progress reminded the Lewis family it could have been worse.

"It was scary and when I looked back and saw the rafters hanging over the bed, all I could do is say, 'Thank you, Jesus,'" said Mary.

The two, still shocked to think of their move, after living in a mobile home for 10 years with no damage at all.

Before Irma, the couple said they were planning to buy the home, but unfortunately, not anymore.

Emergency management officials have been getting calls about similar issues. They said they can't remove downed trees on private property, and the person who lives in the home should call his or her insurance company to have it removed.

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