Severely underweight pony found off highway

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- A severely underweight Shetland pony was found off a highway in Washington County, Florida, with her hip bones protruding and a slight limp in her gate.

Cinnamon, as she was later named, was found to be severely underweight and was taken in by Heartland Rescue Ranch in Panama City. The rescue is not sure if the Shetland pony was abandoned or got loose. They had a vet come and look at Cinnamon to assess her health.

"He did say that she's well over 30 years old. However, with proper care and nutrition, he does believe she will start putting on some weight," said Amy Shepherd, the founder of Heartland Rescue Ranch.

Shepherd believes the senior pony still needs to put on close to 100 pounds. In addition, she has had to get some teeth floated and can only eat softer food. The ranch is asking for donations of Alfalfa pellets.

They want the pony to live out the rest of her days as happy and healthy as possible. In the past, the rescue ranch has taken in horses that were in bad shape like Cinnamon. They are now healthy and happy grazing in their pastures. The rescue has hope that Cinnamon could find a forever home, but only to one that can take proper care of her.

"When we feel her health is optimal and she is ready for adoption, we will be looking for a home for her," said Shepherd.

If you would like to adopt Cinnamon, Heartland Rescue Ranch asks you contact them first and come to spend time with the pony on a Tuesday or Thursday.

The rescue also is home to dogs, cats, donkeys, rabbits and pigs. Some of the animals have been abandoned, abused or neglected. The animals are available for adoption to the right forever home.

The ranch said they are always in need of volunteers, financial sponsors and fosters. Anyone who wants to come out and help take care of the animals or help with their expenses they ask you to contact the ranch directly.

Their website can be found in a link attached to this article.

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