4 inducted into Dothan Business Hall of Fame

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) -- Four long-time business leaders were inducted into the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame.

S. Earl Dove became the third member of the family to be inducted. His brother and late father are already in there. The Dove's founded what's now AAA Cooper Transportation.

"They richly deserve it. Pop started the company; Mac's the best truck operator I’ve ever seen; and here I came along in the mix. I'm just delighted to be here," said Dove.

Dove wasn't the only Earl recognized Thursday. Earl Durden was inducted as well. He turned a few neon signs into what's now Durden Outdoor Displays.

"We started in 1968. So 2018 is our 50th year,” said Durden.

Hayne Hollis was also inducted. He owns Hollis and Spann contractors. He got the business and his character from his father.

"The tough love that my father gave me is one of the reasons I’m here tonight, otherwise, I wouldn't be here without that," said Hollis.

Dothan attorney Alan Livingston, a partner in Lee, Livingston, Lee, Nichols and Barron, was also enshrined. He was honored as much for what he did away from the job as what he did on it.

"We moved here in 1973 and knew only one person, but Dothan opened its arms to us and we have and we have loved living in Dothan," said Livingston.

There are now 30-members in the business hall of fame.

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