4 Alabama school systems closed due to flu

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(AL.com) — Four Alabama school systems are closed Monday due to outbreaks of flu.

Albertville, Marshall County, Boaz and Guntersville are all closed Monday; Albertville was closed Friday; Marshall County, Boaz and Guntersville are also shutting down Tuesday.

In Boaz, absentee levels topped 10 percent on Friday.

“For the past week, Boaz City Schools have been monitoring and evaluating our absences daily and have been taking all necessary precautions to minimize illness,” officials said.

Cindy Saye Wigley, superintendent of Marshall County Schools, said in an announcement she hopes the four days of limited exposure to others will decrease the cases of flu in the system.

“We understand dismissing school creates a hardship on many of our parents; however, the health and safety of our students must continue to be our number one priority. At this time, the epidemic is not only having an impact on our students but also our staff, preventing us from effectively serving our students,” she said.

The systems said the extra days will also be used to sanitize the schools.

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